A Journey of Salvation, and In-filling of Holy Spirit & Water Baptism! from Kingston upon Hull, UK!!! by Sally Velia

It was July of 2017 that my family and I had arranged a surprise visit to Albania to see my husband’s parents, siblings, nephew & nieces. In preparation we had booked two apartments in a seaside town close by. Prior to going the Lord had me fast for 3 days and stand on the promise of Isaiah 49:25 which says… “The captives of warriors shall be released and the plunder of tyrants will be retrieved”. Although, at the time I did not understand what the Lord meant by this I fasted regardless in obedience.

A few days into the holiday my niece to the right became ill with a fever, sore throat & blocked nasals. I was sat on the balcony minding my own business when Holy Spirt entered. The glory of His presence was so unmistakably tangible in so much, I was compelled to ask the Lord “what do you want me to do?” He replied “pray for your niece”. For a few seconds thoughts began to rush through my mind like “everyone is here and watching”, “what if she doesn’t want me too? “Nevertheless, I did what the Lord had asked of me & my niece what healed immediately and she was overwhelmed with joy. This experience opened up the way where I was enabled to share the Gospel and pray for other family members who were set free and gave their lives to the Lord. A few days later and after much discussion & prayer my niece was filled with Holy Spirt. This was such a wonderful and amazing experience to share & partake in. I could see how my niece was so hungry & inquisitive to know more.

A few days after my niece was bitten by a mosquito and the bite became terribly infected, she was struggling to walk and very tearful. The infection over a matter of 24 hours had spread to over 5 inches in diameter. The pharmacy had prescribed cream and cleaned the infected area but, this made very little difference. During this time, I had been watchfully waiting and asking the Lord if He wanted me to pray for her. Each time He replied “not yet”. This made me feel a little puzzled! Then on day 2 whilst I was in my apartment with my niece Holy Spirit led me to pray for her. During prayer I commanded the infection to leave in Jesus name, the inflammation to go down. I myself felt nothing as I prayed but, my niece felt the infected area burning hot like fire (as she described it), her eyes were wide open with awe. My niece received immediate healing from a terrible infection that day and deliverance from anxiety. My niece was smiling with such joy and it was so beautiful to share this divine moment of privilege. What an awesome God we serve!

Being Led by Holy Spirit is an adventurous journey full of surprise and spontaneity are you ready to embrace Him?


Baptised June 2018

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The Lord spoke to me last year after my niece’s salvation and said that I would baptise her but, I had no idea where or when? If I was able to do this? Or even if we would be able to raise the finances to go abroad this year but, the Lord made a way!

On May 29th 2018 my husband, son & I visited Athens in Greece where we stayed at my sister-in-laws apartment in a town called Piraeus. Since our last reunion in Albania of 2017 the Lord had been speaking to me about Baptism. In particular, my niece’s baptism. I pondered the thought for many months if I was able to baptise anyone because I was not qualified as a minister or had a lead role within my church. I am just an ordinary person, wife, mother of 3 and a daughter of the King of Kings. This led me to read around various scriptures and one thing that was a constant theme was that God calls the unqualified, and those whom God calls He equips (See Chorithians 1).

On arriving at my sisters-in-laws apartment my niece was studying hard for her final year exams. On embracing her I sensed anxiety was present and right there and then the Lord led me to pray. So, in obedience I did, anxiety lifted and her peace returned. We were a few days in to our stay and it was looking impossible for the task at hand due to my niece’s understandable commitments. So, I prayed the Lord would make a way! We had discussed baptism and the importance of what it represented on a few occasions.

Ha Ha the Lord knew the time and place!

Now anyone who knows me understands I had a genuine fear of the sea after being attacked by a squid in 2006 whilst on holiday in Spain. This day was about to change not only for me but for my niece also. We visited a beautiful beach with a crystal-clear sea just outside of Athens. It was a beautiful hot sunny day and the sea was very calm. My husband had already tried to get me into the sea including my son and niece but, I refused. As I watched all 3 of them swimming in the sea the Lord spoke to me saying “sally now is the time for your niece’s baptism” …in my heart I said “oh I have to go in the sea but, ill do it Lord, I’ll do it” …and a confidence rose in my heart. Now I didn’t say anything until my niece and I were waist deep in the Mediterranean Sea. All the way we talked about the Lord and how He had his hand upon her life. Then as we stood still laughing and enjoying the cool waters I asked my niece “would you like to be baptised?” She accepted! So, I prayed over her and baptized her in the name of our father, the Son and Holy Spirt. As I lifted her out of the water her countenance was radiant even words cannot and could not describe. What a privilege to be used by God for His Glory! In my niece’s own words:

“I am so happy, so happy, the water was cold when we entered I now feel hot inside, its like a fire! I am peaceful, so peaceful!”

We just embraced and thanked the Lord.

God will make a way and He will equip you for what He has called you to do. Just step out and be led by Him!

Be encouraged you are amazing God bless Sally velia xxxx