Great News!!

You are all Lover of God’s Word but your schedule and mine doesn’t alwayes fit into bible times where you attend church.

Well we have a Solution by E-Fam on line studies.

  • Length of Study 6 weeks
  • Topic: Problems, Pain and Pressure of Life: How to Find Him Here!!
  • Book: we will use a book and the Bible to find His Hidden Power in The 3 P’s.
  • Please message or email me your Name, email and phone number.
  • or facebook messenger
  • I will send you the number code to join us on ZOOM. PLEASE DOWNLOAD this app on your choice of device.
  • Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing – Zoom click below

We have a few times available

  1. Mon night 7 pm to 8 pm eastern Start Date Sept. 16
  2. Tuesday. 7 pm to 8 pm eastern Start Date Sept. 10
  3. Wed. Morning 10am to 11 eastern Start Date Sept. 25

I am looking So Forward to this time for my Personal Growth and Fellowship with you.

Also I have 3 parts to this study through to May next year where we will go to The Intimacy with God which is His Glory. But each is a few to join 6 week study.