I have had the privilege to be called to several Nations when the Holy Spirit was pouring out His Holy Spirit with all the signs and wonders and power that is the fullness of the Gospel. I remember it well in South Africa during the 80;s when I lived there.

As I came into this country and Zimbabwe, they were Hostile and Angry! Zimbabwe had just fought for its independence from England South Africa was in throes of fighting the giant of Apartheid. It was a very HOSTILE Environment. We always heard gunfire and encountered many police barricades.

But the Lord sent me into this nation witha team of dedicated Servants to minister in the Power of the Holy Spirit and I remember listening to all races, genders and denominational Christians viewpoints and thinking this:

  1. The Gospel isn’t a white mans Gospel. Its for Every Nation, Tribe and Tongue and People.. Rev.5:9, 14:6
  2. It is the Power of the Testimony of Jesus and it works for every person, rich, poor, 3rd world, 4th world, out of this world or it doesn’t work AT ALL. Ro. 1:16 1 Th 1:5, 2 Ti 1:18
  3. Revival comes to Prepare the Believer to Fight the Good Fight to be a True Overcomer. 1 John 5:4,5, Rev 2:11, 17 2:26

The Book of Acts is the historical accounts of the Birth of REVIVAL in a hostile Pagan society of Roman occupation and the established RELIGIOUS Jews who were HOSTILE to the NEW WAY of Jesus Christ. It was not a place of acceptance and tolerance. The Great Disciple of Gamaliel who was the Pharisee doctor of the Jewish Law, trained Paul who was an active PERSECUTOR of the WAY. Acts 5:34 Acts: 22:3-5.Acts 8:1,2

My Observation about American Christians is we expect certain rights because the United States was established by Christians But Christianity is about establishing the Kingdom of God to the full extent of lives and service,then we may have peace & righteousness and we Must pray and Stand up and Proclaim the Gospel & Kingdom through fighting what stands against the Kingdom of God. Yes, in the past, it was more acceptable to be a Christian but I see that it made complacent and fearful Christians not loving and righteous Christ followers.

Daniel 7:14 “Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations and languages should serve Him, His dominion is an everlasting dominion Which shall not pass awy, and His kingdom the one Which shall not be destroyed. ” Mat 24:14 Mat: 25:34 Mar 1:14,15 i Cor 4:20 1 Cor 15:24

Well now, we get to have Revival in the same environment the first Revival of the Way Followers of Jesus Christ built his Church: IN A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT! True Christ Followers will make an impact, will suffer persecution and die and will rejoice at lives taken out of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of Light. Col. 1:13

Time to Get Your Happy on: Revival time is here and you have to lay down your life and your lifestyle of being accepted by everyone to Rise to the Challenge to rather see people Accept Jesus and He transform their life and Yours!! This is the REVIVAL you have been praying for but wanted it to be easier , perhaps less demanding and confrontational. But unless we Lose our idea of what Christian life should be and Believe what He says Chrisitan Kingdom life is, we shall not have Life at all. Hmm. Challenging? I hope so because Nothing is worth Living for if YOU Don’t think its Worth Dying for! Mat.16:25 Jo 12:25 Ja. 1:2 Count it all Joy!!! Phil 3:8 Everything is Rubbish, Garbage if I havent lost and released anything that KEEPS ME FROM KNOWING CHRIST!


2 thoughts on “You Want REVIVAL…can you take the Heat

  1. Powerful article!
    Yes its true, a cause that it’s not worth dying for it’s not worth living for.
    But our cause, our Christ, is worth living and dying for!!
    He is the answer for all. He is the life changer and we are the carriers of His Spirit the Spirit of revival.
    Thank you Rebecca!!
    God bless!!!


  2. Hey Pastor Rebecca,
    Here is the rest of my comment related to this wonderful article!

    Our society is definitely a hostile environment! And it’s pace makes it feel like we hardly have time to hear ourselves think. Yet, I feel like I’m inundated with the truth that many Christians in our society want following Christ to be free of challenges and problems, and if it’s not, they won’t pursue God to find His answers to true peace, contentment and rest on this earth. On my job, at a grocery store, church; wherever I go, I can’t help but notice how driven people are to try to gain some kind of control over the demands of life. I’m talking about non-Christians and many Christians. The longer I walk with Jesus, the more convinced I am that if people are suffering, the only answer I will spend my time giving to them to have their suffering alleviated, is to spend time nurturing a relationship with Jesus. Even many Christians need to really ask themselves if they’re giving God enough attention to hear His solutions. We need to move beyond our list of “to do’s” and our “I don’t feel like it” feelings, and spend even just 10 minutes with God, on a regular basis. He can do amazing things and bring a revival to our individual souls in just a few minutes of time with Him! So, as the days get darker, while we are used to let shine Jesus brighter, my question becomes, “Since nothing in your life has gotten better after trying everything else, why not give Jesus some time to make a difference?”


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