ogienksiazkaThe Language and the ways God will speak to you, are as unique as your fingerprint or your iris print from your eyes.  Our way of receiving His way of thinking is the uniqueness of our created likeness to Him which makes us One of a Kind. Your Giftings are meant to reflect His beauty and purposes uniquely.

So, setting people in boxes won’t work because we will leave somebody out according to our perspective or experience.  This is a guideline for you to “capture” the thoughts, dreams, visions and Words on paper to keep them before you always,  as He continues to unfold His Beauty in your Life Course.  Capturing the Experience quickly while it is vivid, is always helpful because the details, feelings and vividness of the Experience are best at that moment! So, Let’s begin with Capture.

  1. CAPTURE the DVP  as soon as possible after you receive it.   It helps you remember and “see” the details, the emotions and the images clearer or to Repeat the Word clearly. Amos 3:7
  2. CHARTING THE COURSE: Structure your Journal with recording pages as well and description page as the following;
    1. DTS sheet:  Date, time and situations blank page of your NOTEBOOK, JOURNAL OR WHATEVER YOU USE. Computer notes are great too, as long as they are accessible ANYTIME!

2.  On the DTS page : record  date, time, situations around the DVP that seem important TO YOU!

  •              Give it a TITLE here:
  •              If you choose to have  single DTS Page for your entire journal, you can                  give page numbers to each of  your  Entries on this page
  •             If  you choose a  DTS for each Entry then place a blank sheet at the front of  each Entry.

Step 1 &  2 Completed NEXT: RECORD PAGES


     REMEMBER, if what you have done in the past wasn’t helping you grow in hearing the voice of God and the prophetic leading, DO SOMETHING NEW LIKE A JOURNAL.  You can see it daily and be amazed at how the Lord is leading you in this simple discipline. You will remember what He is saying!

  1.  RECORD your DVP  with as much detail as possible.   Isaiah 8:1-2

    a. Please don’t edit or hold back things.  Sometimes things like nakedness,             beating  something  or someone  seems to  “not be spiritual” to you or                      embarrassing.  These are some of the key spiritual components of what the Lord is saying to you.  LEAVE OUT NOTHING                                                             b.Next:  write your emotional response in the Experience. Write your   emotional Response when you awoke from the dream or vision and how did it            affect your day. A Word may or may not have an emotional response but it can if you are overwhelmed by its magnitude or worry what others will think.

    c. Record the Emotions you recognize in your Experience.

1) These help to reveal what Spirit is working in what area.

2) It helps to reveal if it personal or for others.  (each one of   these areas is very important in the developing prophet for learning about ourselves and  the flesh, demonic and Godly influences)

d. Include colors or lack of colors. Include description of anything dull or lifeless

e.  Include songs  or music

Step 3 Completed20180623_152916 (1)


  1.  4R’s  sheetReflections, Revelations and Responsive Relationship between You and the Holy Spirit.

            a. Reflections is just that: as you have been praying and  meditating on theExperience, the Holy Spirit is continuing to talk to you and you will  receive thoughts that need continued reflection.  You may not have time every day             examine these reflections, but YOU DON’T WANT  to forget them so write them down as soon as possible for time later where you can ask the Lord for understanding what He is saying to you here. Access to your journal is important. Dan.2:23

b.Revelations is your time of Meditation on the Reflections you have been receiving. The Holy Spirit is always talking to us. These reflections will Reveal His Mind to us as we give Him our HEART AS WE SPEND TIME WITH HIM.  I Cor.2: 10-13

   c.  Responsive Relationship:  Wow! this is the whole point of the DVP experience;  to learn more about Him, experience His perfect conversation with me and my WILLINGNESS to Cooperate with the Holy Spirit to allow Him to Draw me Nearer and Nearer and Nearer to His Glory!        Ps. 85:9   Ps.115:1    Col. 1:27




Flaming Word


5.  OUTCOME:  you may record the outcome however it leads to definite direction, Word for someone or Breakthrough for yourself.  It may open up your Spirit and Soul to being more aware of how you are being lead personally and a Vision for your Life and Others Lives as it will have an Eternal Impact.

This is taking your Salvation Seriously. Why? Because it shows that you really Believe that You WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN GOD’S KINGDOM because HE saved you and  has Now Empowered you to do what He did through the Power of His Holy Spirit.  If you are not Baptized in the Holy Spirit, it is time to seek the full power Jesus Promised from His Father.  Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit. 

   5.  Please feel free to correspond with me through the website or pwm2day@yahoo.com  or private message me and we can discuss your journals together.    Find a Mature Prophetic Voice to WALK through this Adventure with you so that You will be able to Help others Find the Way.  That is a  Prophetic WayMaker.


copyright@2018 Prophetic WayMakers/Rebecca Baker



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  1. I absolutely love it! This is a great outline to follow. I get all those thoughts, words and visions flowing through my head and don’t know how to organize them. Wow, what a great way of organizing to understand how the Lord is speaking to me. ( I love organization) Thank you ❤️


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